Going to Nationals for the 2nd time!!!!

Hi readers from the 22nd of November to the 27th of November I went to Brisbane in Queensland to compete, I represented Victoria for the second time and it was so much fun!!!!!!!
I met so many people and had so much fun, I got a P.B in the 200m and got 13th in Australia and my time was 27.39 seconds, I got 4th in the 8 by 100 and got 8th in the Medaly. On one of the days we went to Dream world as a team and all the other states,i went on the new ride and it was so much fun and kinda scary. Then on the last day i was there it was my dad’s birthday so I took him to Movie world, we met Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern and more!!!! Over all I had the best time and created amazing memories with the team that I will never forget!!!!!!!!!! :} 🙂 :):):):):):):):)

Homework- R.E

Just recently the 5/6’s in religion we learnt about different religions and then did a project on them.
My group did BUDDHISM and we found out…


– Budda is not really a God!

– Budda likes to be called a teacher.

– Budda was born into the royal family.

– Buddhists are supposed to be vegetarians

– Buddhism teaches that we are supposed to suffer,


What my group produced…


– 2 paper collages one green the other yellow these boxes where quite large.

– In the box at the back were photos of Buddhism

– And hanging from string up the top were little circles.

– And on them circles was information.


What my group and i could of done better…


– My group and i really need to work on our time.

– Producing more stuff





Sharing a room

I moved house about 2 years ago, my sister and I got stuck in the same room together!
At first I hated the idea but it’s really fun.
You can always talk to them when your upset it is a bit like a sleepover but a sleepover every night!!!
You can talk about your enemies and BFFS and not tell a soul, and share a really good laugh together, you can help each other with their homework and stay up really late.

Liv and I also have our own ensuite witch is a bathroom.
Sometimes we can really annoy each other and call each other names but we both no that we don’t really mean it.

Sharing a room is really fun, and having 2 sisters is fun!!!

🙂             😉


Homework Task 2

Ok for our homework we have to write a reflective post on our blogs about school and home. Think of it in terms of: Things I did well And things I could of done better.

This week I haven’t been able to do a lot because I caught a really bad BUG!!
In BUG I mean.. Gastro, massive headaches, hot and cold fever and swallowing problems.

But before I had all that on Tuesday I got to play Netball for a amazing team called the Pink Pithons. This was my 2nd game with them and I still learnt a lot. A lot of me is good and a lot of me still needs some practice and help.

Also this week my Mum and Dad left to Bali, we are now living with my wonderful Nanna and Pa. This has been good a little bit because I have to step up in the family and help out with Willow ( my little sis who is terribal 2 )
Thank you for reading

Glitter Text @ Glitterfy.com

Hello everybodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
It’s been a while since i last wrote to you but now hopefully you will read and learn a bit about Jeannie Baker.

The multi award award winner Jeannie Baker artist, author and film maker,
just a quick little background, born in Croydon, in England November 2nd 1950 on a Thursday, eldest of 6 and 63 years of age, moved to Australia at the age of 25.
She has 13 books and 2 short films.

Jeannie Bakers books have a warm enviromently touch with the main aim of hers to communicate with people through different layers of meaning throughout her work.
Her pictures are made from a miniture collage. Jeannie Baker does not take that long to do books unlike others, she does around about 2-3 years for a book like when the forest meets the sea, and another book that was way quicker and she did it in about 3 months and the book was called One hungry spider.

I don’t mind Jeannie Bakers books, I would incourage young people to read this because, Jeannie Bakers books are well thought about and very creative.

Homework- maths

Homework Question???

On your blog, type your favourite 3 course meal for your family and then plan the menu, with the costs of ingredients. How much money would you have left over, if you had $100 to spend?

Drink= Spider

Main= Chops with Chips

Desert = ice-cream with melted chocolate with lollie bananna’s and strawberries and MARSHMELLOWS!!!

Spider= Lemonade $1.00, Ice-cream tub $5.00,  cordial $2.00

Main= Chops $20.00,  Chips $4.00

Desert = bananna $1.00,  strawberries $ 4.00,  marshmellows $2.00 and use left over ice-cream from the spider drink.

Altogether $39          Left overs $71

The new Humans at our School!!!

At our school this year there are alot of new people!

In 5/6 there are new kids that are making friends quite fastly,

The new people in 5/6 are…

another Mia



Ruby ( Graces sister )

Julia O

Know i have a few questions for you….

Do you have new people?

Are they your new BFF?

Lily W